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I am a Physician (M.D.), creator and entrepreneur. Above all, I am just a guy figuring out life. I love to learn, reflect and share what I find for previous versions of myself.

I write/build to solve my own frustrations and annoyances and pursue my curiosities. I hope that these reflections make someone else’s path a little bit easier and clearer.

Consider this my public journal of reflections. For versions of my younger self, for my patients that would benefit from non-clinical advice, and anyone else that finds value in it.

My Other Work

Straight Up Wealth- a financial education platform born from
sheer frustration that I was not taught anything about money
throughout several (expensive) years of schooling.
Path Of A Doctor- for pre-meds, med students, residents and physicians. Documenting my journey to becoming a physician
and the behind-the-scenes reality of what that looks like.
The Second Pursuit- exploring the bigger ideas of life. My truest passion. Reflecting on and writing about the meaning of it all and the lessons learned about living well (often the hard way).


Feel free to reach out on any social media, I’ll do my best to get back to you. Please only email for business inquiries.